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Night Vision Monoculars

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Night Vision Monoculars

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If you want to see long distances outdoors, you need good vision. Whether you're a birdwatcher, archaeologist, hunter or nature enthusiast, you may need to see far away. What better way to see far away than day and night with an easy-to-carry device? Our night vision monoculars help you enjoy a good view in your hobby, pastime or professional activity. Make professional observations with high quality vision.Get rid of binocular clutter with a night vision monocular. One eye for HD viewing and a great day and night experience for camping, fishing and many other activities. Get now one of our scopes available exclusively in our store, for clear long distance vision day and night.

How to choose your night vision monocular ?

Since there are many different monoculars, you need to know how to make the right choice depending on the different features. Each viewing device has a number in its specifications. You can see in the description of our telescopic monoculars: 7x50, 10x50, 12x60, etc.In simplified language, these numbers refer to the magnification and the diameter of the lenses. In other words: 40x50 = magnification factor 40 x lens diameter 60.

High-power devices with night vision

Our vision devices are equipped with new generation technology with night vision, infrared, anti-slip technology, photo recording mode, video recording mode and much more. Below you can see the exterior that makes our monocular so practical. Then we'll talk about the technological features of our models. A shock-resistant mount. Our one-eye binoculars have a multi-layer polyester plastic mount. With this structure, our device is very resistant to shocks. Therefore, shocks when moving will not affect your glasses. However, it is better to avoid big shocks or dropping the binoculars from a great height.Non-slip coating. Almost all of our night vision monoculars feature anti-slip technology. This means that the binoculars will not slip out of your hands. Regardless of the season and weather, especially rainy weather, you can continue your observations. The texture of the frame has a rubber coating that prevents slipping.Waterproof technology. In addition to not slipping out of your hands in the rain, some models of the viewing device are waterproof. In fact, we have devices that are water resistant. Especially small amounts of water. You need to avoid massive water conditions to continue to have good quality vision. By following these principles, you will always have a clear view, a high quality sharp zoom on any object to observe.Suitable for any situation. The monoculars we offer will be your faithful companions in any situation or viewing. Being waterproof and compact without forgetting the anti-slip and shock resistance it is the ideal device easy to carry or store. With these waterproof and compact goggles, you will be able to explore mountain peaks, go climbing and much more. Rely on our anti-slip, waterproof and compact devices. It should be noted that these anti-slip devices are very rare. Lots of functionality and quality. These goggles are compact and lightweight. Most of them are almost marine monoculars or military monoculars. Because of their compactness and light weight they are the best on the market and easy to store. Easily slip them into your bag like a pocket flashlight.

The special features of our monoculars telescopes : a night vision device

The special feature of our monoculars is the integrated infrared night vision. Thanks to infrared light technology, the lenses are able to adapt to low-light environments. This means that you can still use them at night and see in the dark. This is a feature that is not common in standard binoculars.Another feature of some models is the display style. It has a digital color or LCD display. In these models, the day vision is in color. Night vision is displayed in black and white on an LCD screen. These are the state-of-the-art vision devices we offer.There is also a recording function. In fact, there are vision goggles that can carry a micro-SD card. This micro card in the vision binocular serves as a storage medium for making video and photo recordings. Your lightweight device becomes a video and photo recorder that captures what you have on your screen or viewfinder. Recorded photos and videos can be taken day or night with good HD resolution. The photo and video recorder turns the monocular into a camera; a night vision camera or a night surveillance camera. With the compact range various applications are now possible. Use it as a hunting camera, as an infrared camera. You can also use the video recordings and photos as a tool for tracking animal behavior. These camera models offer you many possibilities beyond just seeing from a distance.The vision device can also be used by eyeglass wearers. It is a viewing device that has good eye space and makes it suitable for use with binoculars. This is a great advantage. Another element is the good concentration and amplification of light that these glasses have. This results in sharp images. The image sharpness is unprecedented. Indeed, the large diameter of the lenses allows a maximum of light to be collected to obtain a sharp and clear image. In addition, there is a good overall magnification that allows you to see as far as you want. Large objective diameters and a good zoom allow a wide field of view. With this wide field of view, get a good view of your prey when hunting. See your visual acuity increase tenfold and zoom in on a wide field of view.Another advantage is the ease of adjustment. Adjustment on these technological devices is usually easy and digital. With digital zoom systems, there are buttons to switch between daylight and IR modes. These cameras are a marvel of technology. The diopter and focus wheel can be adjusted with a few flicks. The set gives you a clear picture of the diopter settings in focus. The easily adjustable focus and diopter wheels allow for sharp images in the viewfinder. In the blink of an eye you have sharp, focused diopter images.

Why treat yourself to HD vision with our night vision monoculars ?

With HD vision, there is no detail that can't be seen day or night. These devices offer high definition images for the comfort of your pupils. This pupil comfort is due to an imaging system that produces a high-resolution image. Indeed, even at long focal lengths, a nice, sharp image is obtained.A prism system is used to straighten the image that reaches your pupil. This produces optimal vision and a comfortable viewing experience. You have the ability to see clearly with these long-range monoculars. These long-range monoculars have perfect, high-performance images.An important element is night vision, which is achieved by intensifying visible and ambient light. In fact, all light sources are intensified for night vision. With each light source intensified also thanks to infrared vision your viewfinder adapts to total darkness. You will no longer be unable to see in dimly lit environments. With these monoculars, which adapt to a low-light environment, you will be able to go hunting at night or observe animals at night. From your cabin, in the dark, locate game in the dark of night. This telescope monocular allows you to see approaching game in the dark. It can also be seen in the darkness of a cave reached with a small amount of light.Lightweight and compact and very easy to store. These features make it the right tool for hunters and spotters. It is a perfect ultralight scope for night hunting and wildlife observation. It helps you get long range views of animals and whatever you are observing around you. There are many uses for these monoculars and they are lightweight and compact.Ultralight monoculars for use in hunting, night hunting, scouting and sightseeing. They can also be useful as an observation tool : for bird watching, wildlife and landscape observation or night observation. You can also use it for camping and exploring caves; night sailing, night fishing and boating. It is also a security and surveillance tool in search and rescue operations (military use).Monoculars are the best and most easily transportable viewing devices for remote observation of objects. Our night vision devices have a magnifying and very powerful optical device. Having a night vision monocular is of great interest in hunting, nature observation, sightseeing and many other outdoor activities. Select your night vision device now from our exclusive selection of monoculars.