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Great to take for walking in the mountains. The binoculars are light and of good quality. I recommend it!

Jack Rodriguez

Very good product. Clear image across the entire field of view. The illuminated lens coating gives a clear image across the entire field of view. The 10 zoom works perfectly. Thank you!

Kimberly Mason

Quality, lightweight and easily adjustable binoculars with a clear view.

Frederick R.

The delivery is fast, everything is as written, the monocular works very well.

Nora M.

Everything is as described. The magnification can be adjusted. Fast delivery, I asked the seller to send it as soon as possible and he sent within an hour after my order, thanks! Very satisfied, I recommend!

Robert Harris


The binoculars are as described, thank you so much!

Jimmy H.

Thank you, everything received and working very well. Everything was well packed, the package arrived quickly. Thank you, I recommend the seller!

Amelia S.

Good device, I am very happy with my order. I recommend this monocular for the quality of the images.

Diego A.
The binoculars are very practical because of their small size. I am satisfied.
Lisa B.
The monocular arrived in a reasonable time. The quality seems pretty good considering the price. I’m not super impressed with the magnification, but again for the price it’s very good. I recommend it!
Emma T.
Very light, ideal for me! The glasses weigh 365 grams and come with a case and a gift box.
Candice P.
Very good monocular telescope, exactly as in the picture.
Arthur H.
The product works well and arrived very well packaged!
Francis A.
The order arrived exactly on time. The package is not broken because the package was well packed. I recommend this monocular!
Frank C.
Good binoculars. Delivered on time
Andrew O.
Excellent monocular!
Paul M.
Very satisfied with the service and the quality of the spotting scope. Thank you!
Thomas D.
Nothing to say, very good product.
Matthew G.
The 80×80 binoculars have very good image. Exactly as described.
Kevin L.
The delivery is very fast and the binoculars are powerful. Very satisfied.
Jack V.
Exactly as the description!
Michael U.
Everything arrived well, I received all the accessories with the binoculars. Satisfied
Nicolas A.
The delivery is fast. Good product.
Peter B.
Easy to use and practical. The magnification works very well
Vanessa F.
Well detailed military binoculars, excellent construction. You can see far away with good images. Thank you very much for the well packed package.
Jeremy D.
The military binoculars are excellent for trapping. Everything works as it should. Fast shipping.
Christopher B.
Good binoculars, delivery is fast. I am very satisfied with my order. Thank you!
Clare L.
The quality is excellent and the image is clear.
Cindy E.
This binoculars is beautiful and has been manufactured with great care. I definitely recommend it.
Denis O.
The quality of the product is perfect. They aren’t too heavy and are comfortable to use.
Charles E.
I received the binoculars very quickly. Good quality I recommend it.
Bruce C.
Very nice looking binoculars, a little heavy but the view is great. Easy to set up and having the lens caps attached makes it easy to protect the lenses.
Elliot L.
Excellent binoculars for hunting, and the delivery is super fast!
Paul H.
As always, great binoculars!
Lauren D.
Great binoculars for hunting, thanks
Bob A.
The quality of the product exceeded my expectations. Superb visualization, I recommend it.
Cynthia M.
It arrived very fast, works normally and the image is very clear. Thanks to the seller
Fred A.
Very good quality binoculars, easy to adjust. I recommend
James M.
The product is the same as the description. Good seller.
Anthony G.
A really solid spotting scope that comes with a mini tripod. The quality is totally acceptable for the price. I find that it starts working well at 15 meters and above. I was a little hesitant with the magnification, but the zoom is perfect. Fast shipping, I recommend it.
Francis I.
Perfect! I am very satisfied with the quality of the product and the service.
Jessica P.
It works very well! Will use it in astronomy, great for observing stars, planets, etc. Arrived earlier than expected, it was very fast. You can buy without fear.
Charles R.
Very good binoculars, good quality. I was concerned about the range of the device, but it’s fine. Good seller
Elliot I.
Good product. The description of the binoculars is very detailed, and they are just as described!
Jennifer S.
Very good quality, they are amazing, I give it 5 stars!
Roger N.
The product arrived very fast, well packed, and it’s just as in the description. Great seller.
Samuel C.
Everything arrived on time.
Tara D.
Delivery is very fast. Matches the description, it is solid. Thank you.
Olivia D.
A bit complicated to master the device, I’m still learning. The delivery was very fast.
Max L.